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Abuse is Never OK. Asing for Help is.
June 13, 2011
September 7, 2011
This spring, in an effort to create awareness about the Shelter and our services, we launched a regular column on Castanet, along with a full color ad, in hopes of reaching women who are in abusive relationships.  We also want to educate the community about healthy relationships and discuss issues around domestic violence and abuse.
We have been so fortunate that many of the shelters’ supporters decided to sponsor the cost of the ads, and in the first month alone, visits to the 
Kelowna Women’s Shelter website, increased by 42%.  The Castanet campaign was a significant driver in this increased traffic.
To get to our column, go to homepage.  Scroll to the bottom of the right hand side of the page, and you will find “Latest Columns”.  Under that category you will find our  Logo & Column.
(Shelter Awareness)
A sincere thanks to Castanet and our sponors! 
You are part of our community, that is helping keep women and children safe from abuse.