Stress: What Every Young Person Needs to Know

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Stress: What Every Young Person Needs to Know



Most of us experience stress in some form on any given day. In today’s world, young people may face new and more serious stressors than ever before.

Today, we’re going to help you learn how to recognize and deal with these demands while offering you some tools to cope with stress in your life.

To begin, let’s talk about the nature of stress in the first place.

So…what IS stress?

First of all, know that stress isnʼt all bad. In fact, itʼs necessary!

Stress is your bodyʼs physical and emotional reaction to circumstances that frighten, irritate, confuse, endanger, or excite you.

Stress can be positive or negative:

  • Positive stress pushes you to complete a task or do something great.
  • Negative stress gets in the way and puts unhealthy demands on your mind and body.

Your body sets its defenses and protects itself against danger. So each time your body senses danger or the unknown, your nervous system reacts by getting ready for “fight or flight.”

Fight or flight

This “fight or flight” response is normal and happens in all living things.

Our ancestors needed this response as they lived in a world with more apparent physical dangers at every turn. Just imagine having to be ready to fight off saber-toothed tigers and protect yourself from other wild predators at any given moment!

While you may not be fleeing from dinosaurs or living in a cave, your body still uses the fight-or-flight response to protect you from other dangers…whether they’re imagined or not.

In modern times, this response system could be triggered by apparent threats like that looming dance recital, that end of the year math test, or arguments with friends and family.

In serious cases, it can also be triggered by domestic abuse and PTSD resulting from it. If you’re experiencing that type of stress, please click here to view some helpful resources.

But your body responds in the same chemical way, your heart pounds, your muscles get tense, your palms get sweaty, and you get butterflies in your tummy.

When this stress is ongoing, its effects really add up. Then over time, they can even do damage to your body.

The main stressors faced by youth are family, school, extracurricular activities, and being accepted by your friends and peers.

Dealing with stress

So, what’s the best way to manage your stress?

The key to living with stress is to actively DEAL WITH IT!

Here are some of our favourite tips for dealing with stress:

  • Deal with your family by communicating with them.
  • Have realistic expectations of yourself as you deal with your schoolwork
  • Deal with your friends by being WHO YOU ARE, and not who others want you to be.
  • Learn to say NO!!
  • Deal with your looks by recognizing that you are a special and unique person.
  • Deal with over-commitment by prioritizing and cutting back your schedule if youʼre tired.
  • Ask for help.

Use these stress skills to get through it:

  • Evaluate each problem and keep it in perspective.
  • Prioritize your time and see what is really important.
  • Set boundaries and donʼt give up too much of yourself.
  • Avoiding and putting things off really doesnʼt work! Deal with the issue ASAP!
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Eat right, get enough sleep, and be active.
  • When youʼre really upset do something you really love like read, dance, sing, exercise, play video games, listen to music, do anything that calms you down and clears your head.
  • Use breathing techniques to slow your body down and relax your muscles. Try this next time youʼre stressed: close your eyes, take a deep breath, count backward from 10, and exhale slowly.
  • Donʼt feel alone with your problems. Remember to ask for guidance from a friend, family member, or a trusted adult. They may have some good tips on how to deal with life and stress!

Visit this website for 79 Creative Ways to Reduce Stress if you have a hard time coming up with your own!

Next, click here to see what other youth are saying about what stresses them out.

Remember, stress is NORMAL! It happens to everyone, but everyone reacts differently and experiences it in different ways. Try experimenting with different strategies to learn how YOU can cope with stress effectively in your life.

And remember, help is available if you’re facing serious stress and challenges from abuse at home.

Click here to donate now to Kelowna Women’s Shelter.

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This article was originally published 2012, and has been updated in 2020.

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