Shelter receives grant

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Shelter receives grant

Thanks to a generous donation from Central Okanagan Foundation, local women who’ve experienced intimate partner violence and abuse will have
the opportunity to learn why love shouldn’t hurt.

Kelowna Women’s Shelter is proud to have received a grant for $9,180 from Central Okanagan Foundation to cover the costs of staff training and two, 10-week support groups, based on the renowned book When Love Hurts: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Abuse in Relationships, by Canadian authors Jill Cory and Karen McAndless-Davis.

First published in 2000, and now in its third edition, the book helps women recognize the signs of relationship abuse and the strategies their partner uses to control and disempower them, and offers real world advice on what to do.

“When Love Hurts is an excellent resource full of insightful information and practical tools designed to help women move forward into lives free of abuse,” says Kelowna Women’s Shelter executive director Karen Mason.

“We’re so grateful Central Okanagan Foundation agreed to support our efforts to provide this specialized training to our frontline staff, and a support group to the women we serve.”

Author Jill Cory recently spent two days exploring the highly-effective practices outlined in her book with Shelter staff, who will incorporate them into their daily work.

The support group will run through February and March at Kelowna Women’s Shelter, with a second session set to take place in August.

When asked about the ideal outcome for participants of this group, facilitator Suezan Kasper said “We hope the women who attend are able to connect with their authentic selves, and will discover their strengths, gain insight into their experiences,, and come to understand they are not to blame for the abuse they experienced.”

The Central Okanagan Foundation is a community foundation providing an ongoing contribution to the quality of life in our community through building endowments, grant making and community leadership. They bring donors and charities together to provide for the needs of the community today, tomorrow and forever.

From left to right, Cheryl  Miller | Director, Grants & Community Initiatives at Central Okanagan Foundation, Connie Marchal | Manager of Programs & Services at Kelowna Women’s Shelter, Suezan Kasper | Outreach Worker with Kelowna Women’s Shelter and Jill Cory | Author of When Love Hurts.