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April 15, 2012
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April 19, 2012
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Bullying is a common topic in many schools and students hear about it all the time
because it is such an important issue to be talked about. Kids may not know it but
bullying happens in many different ways. Whether it is exclusion, physical, verbal, or
cyber bullying, they all have an impact on the victim.

    Here is something that
    might make you think twice
    about what you say online…
Stop Bullying.
Here is a video that gives a new and interesting look at bullying from the perspective
of you, the student!
It shows a clip of a bullying incident that took place in Melbourne, Australia which
was quite severe. The students then had the opportunity to react to the incident and
were asked a series of questions. Students interviewed are both boys and girls of a variety of ages; their reactions were real and they and they had a lot of good thoughts, ideas and points to make about bullying.

                                 What are your answers to the questions being asked?
                                         Do you agree or disagree with these kids?

Almost all students agreed that bullying is current problem in their schools and the
majority of them even said they had been bullied at some point as well.

                                        How much bullying takes place in your school?
                                            Are you a victim? A bully? A bystander?

These students mentioned that they have had anti-bullying campaigns in their school
but that they didn’t find them to be very effective. So it’s pretty clear that bullying is
an issue that these students have been taught about. Yet it continues to be an issue,
so we have to think… what can I do to stop bullying? 
Don’t be a bystandar!

This is a great example of how the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact on
anyone in this situation. So don’t be scared to stand up for someone! You can be the
start of change. YOU can make a difference!

Check out this cool site that lets you make your own comic strip!
We get that not all kids will like each other and get along or be friends. It is normal
that people have differences and won’t get along with everyone. But what is
important for everyone to remember is that regardless of whether you like someone
or not, they deserve respect!
So even if you don’t get along with someone instead of making fun of them or being
mean show them the respect they deserve. If we all displayed mutual respect for one
another bullying would disappear.

But since we are not at the point yet where bullying does not exist lets talk about what you can do if you’re being bullied.

   You can…

  • Tell an adult
  • Tell a friend
  • Stand up to your bully
  • Do not fight back
  • Stay positive
  • Do not be a bystander
  • Most importantly… Remember that you are awesome, special, and unique! Don’t let what the bully says bring you down! Ignore them!
  • Do not feel alone or helpless. There are people everywhere who are going through similar situations. stay strong and keep a positive attitude!